e-Ceramica is for you.
Our company is the largest wholesaler in Southern and Eastern. We always do our best for full satisfaction of our clients and business partners.

Network is separated in next segments:
-Exclusive distributors-shops
-Ceramic tiles fitters
We constantly expiring our network of countries in which we searching for new partners.

In all country’s we are working with ( exclusive ) representatives. These representatives are contracted on the commission base. Them part of the job is to find clients and seal as much is possible. Our part of job is to give them perfect service, competitive price, quality product and payment for them work.
When turn over in country reach some amount we establishing warehouse for it.
This warehouse doesn’t have any influence on existing net. It exists just for bather service to clients.
Exclusive distributors-shops
Target is to have in every city with 25000 citizen’s one exclusive shop.
Ceramic tiles fitters
In every country we have in plan to establish tam’s of professionals who will fit our products to our clients.
Our company is constantly searching for architects who are able to make something special with our products.
In this moment we are working with respectable producers. On the same time we are open for new ones with quality products and reasonable prices.

If you can find yourself in any of this category, you are well come.

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Zoran Milić