Exclusive ceramic shop

Exclusive ceramic shop

Exclusive ceramic shop

Network e-Ceramica.com looking for new exclusive ceramic shop.

In every city we are looking for one shop, who will receive trough our network at their disposal a comprehensive sales program (all for the bathroom).

Our product range covers all three price levels (low, medium and high or. Top brand).

Through association we achieved much lower prices due to we increased purchase orders, which enables us to lower retail prices or higher margins for you (exclusive shop ).

Currently, the network of e-Ceramica included: 521 vendors of ceramics from around the world.

Together we are stronger !

Contact us for more information

Zoran Milic
+386 41 684 696


We prefer personal approach.
If you are interested in this product please call us and we'll be happy to help!

Contact us
Zoran Milić +386 41 684 696

You can also contact us via e-mail!

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