Bathroom floor ceramic tiles

Bathroom floor ceramic tiles

Bathroom floor ceramic tiles

Main fact is that tiles must be easy to clean and on the same time they mast not by smooth…

Few years ago, ceramic was using only in the bathrooms, but these days the most common form of using is for floor coverings. The reasons are quite clear because it is the most preferred base for floor heating system, practical, durable and easy to maintain.

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In tiles ceramic is very important to consider the purpose of it (place of using).
On the basic of use are classified in class of PI 1 to PI 5. Tiles with a hardness of glazes PI 1 is intended for use on less walking surfaces (bathroom), PI 5 is intended for wall surfaces, which are highly exposed to wear (public spaces, warehouses …).

All collections are made in the EU. On these models we can offer promotional discounts of 25%, depending on the quantity and the address for delivery. Prices are bruto for the first class.


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