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All these years, we have been manufacturing and selling high-quality integral porcelain tiles. Also, we have showed our continued commitment to our customers, especially those who have accompanied us –and helped us grow– since we took our very first steps in the industry, as well as those who joined us later, helping us evolve and become leaders in the sector.
The improvements and investments made in our facilities by the corporation we belong to have been key
factors to the growth experienced by our business and, at least indirectly, they have resulted in benefits for
our customers too. Developments worth mentioning include more efficient energy supplies, faster grinding
methods, more versatile and powerful press machines, raw tile decoration processes resulting in more
realistic patterns, and so forth. In sum, we have stuck to the philosophy we shared when our company
was established –improving the quality of our products continuously and offering the best service to our
Alcalagres, S.A. is based in Camarma de Esteruelas, Madrid, 4km away from the historic city of Alcalá de
Henares, where our manufacturing plant and headquarters are located. We also have a logistic warehouse
in Burriana, Castellón, from which our customers’ orders are delivered to wherever they come from.


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